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What Do the Pros Say About the Best Asphalt Patch?

It’s that time of year again when asphalt pavement repair is sought out. Potholes are all over the place and your company’s parking lot is in need of some repair work. DIY projects are often attempted because it can save you money. However, before attempting the project yourself, we want you to know what the pros say about the best asphalt patch work approach.

DIY Blacktop Patch best asphalt patch

When researching types of asphalt to repair potholes, there are two options; hot and cold asphalt. It is important to understand difference between hot asphalt and cold asphalt. Which you can read about HERE.

When it comes to a do-it-yourself asphalt patch there are a few factors to consider. It difference between professionally applied hot asphalt patch and DIY, is in the application process. A DIY asphalt patch makes use of the cold patch method. It allows you to pour the bag or bucket of mix into a pothole yourself. Afterwards, you then compact it. You can do this by using a stamping tool to tightly pack the asphalt in. The added advantage to this approach is this can be done at any time of the year. However, it is important to note that this is a temporary fix and is often used in winter when hot mix cannot be laid. Come spring, you will want to redo the repair with hot asphalt mix.

Best Asphalt Patch According to the Prosbest asphalt patch pot hole

Professionals repair potholes by using a saw to cut away broken pieces of pavement. Next, they prep the area for the hot mix asphalt, where a machine pours in the liquid mixture. Lastly, compaction machinery compacts the asphalt. This method of repair is long lasting and more permanent than a cold patch repair.

Weather plays a role in blacktop driveway and parking lot longevity. Prior to cold weather it is advised to:

As the cold weather moves in, you want to be sure that you have prepared your commercial parking lots. Preparation and repair is the best defense again the cold and wet weather.

Bottom Line On Asphalt Repair

Here is what professionals have determined about DIY asphalt patch methods according to a Consumer Reports study; “none of these tested materials were as strong as hot asphalt, a truly permanent driveway repair that requires a paving company and which might be a better long-term choice. A job done by a professional pavement company will yield the best asphalt patch work as it will last the longest”.

Here at Eastcoat Pavement Services we can assist you in making the best asphalt patch work decision for your business. We can also help you plan for your repairs and maintenance ahead of time. Traffic flow plans and preparation are a big part of our planning phase with you. It is important to note that we recommend you repair potholes and cracks in a timely manner. Otherwise, you are putting your parking lot at risk for needing a complete new installation.

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