Asphalt Assessment: Spring Checklist for Property Managers

It is officially asphalt repair season. That means it is time to begin repairing all of the winter damage and replace temporary cold patch asphalt repairs with permanent hot mix asphalt repair. The first step of your spring cleanup pavement checklist should be conducting a visual inspection. While walking your lot, look for visible damage from plows, the freeze-thaw cycle, ice melt chemicals, melting snow, etc. This initial inspection can first be done by you, but it is important that your paving contractor comes out to do a professional inspection as well, because some necessary repairs aren’t as obvious. After the visual inspection, we can access exactly what repairs need to be done.

Here are the general items that should be on your asphalt spring cleanup checklist:

pothole repair spring cleanup Pothole & Patching Repairs

Making sure your lot is pothole free at the start of spring is a top priority project! Patching deteriorated areas and potholes will reduce your trip and fall liability, and also greatly extend the useful life of your lot. Patches can be cut out and replaced in large sections or small, depending on your long-term maintenance goals. Repairs are done quickly and can be driven on almost immediately, reducing inconveniences.

☐ Sand Sweeping

Sweeping excess sand and debris left over from the plowing season is a great way to start the Spring. Not only does it clean up the look of the property, but also helps cut down on dust which can clog A/C condensers and ventilation systems.

☐ Curb Repairs

Alongside pothole repairs, concrete curb and sidewalk repairs are one of the basic tenets of spring cleanup. Plowing can take its toll on curbs, but luckily these repairs are quick and simple, and can be done with minimal interruption to traffic flow.

☐ Catch Basin Inspections

Making sure your basins are inspected after winter can prevent costly repairs down the road. The constant freeze and thaw cycle can wreak havoc on concrete basins and can ultimately cause erosion along the foundation walls underneath, leading to collapse. In addition, salt and snow melt can deteriorate the tops of the basins, so it’s a good idea to have each one checked carefully.

crack filling spring cleanupCrack Filling

One of the easiest and best ways to protect your asphalt ‘investment’ is by having the cracks filled with hot rubberized joint sealant annually. Don’t underestimate the importance of crack filling, as its one of the most vital maintenance services in your arsenal. Studies have proven time and time again there is no substitute for maintaining your cracks, it can help to extend the life of your asphalt by a decade or more. Crack filling can be done quickly and has minimal impact to traffic.

☐ Sealcoating

It’s hard to beat the ‘bang for your buck’ that sealcoating provides! Used as a preventative measure as well as an aesthetic upgrade, Seal coating extends the life and quality of asphalt pavements. When applied in conjunction with our hot rubberized crack sealing program, the pavement’s natural deterioration rate drops dramatically. Budget for sealcoating every 2-3 years for the best in both appearance and longevity.

☐ Line Striping & Pavement Markings

Often overlooked as a safety measure, spring line painting is a vital service that ensures your parking lots are adequately marked and visible. Freshly painted lines, arrows, stop bars, speed bumps and crosswalks will stand out better and show that you care about your property. Our staff is experienced in ADA accessibility compliance and can complete your project quickly, easily and often times, inexpensively.

☐ Create A Pavement Plan

Every property, but particularly those with HOA’s, should have a written plan in place for long term pavement management. This could be as simple as a few lines or paragraphs in an annual budget, but it should have clearly defined goals, timelines and budgeting numbers tied to it. Some HOA’s don’t think of the parking lot in their long-term planning, but the escalating cost of asphalt replacement will rival any major capital improvement today, and could possibly be the largest investment you’ll have to make in this decade or the next. Let our friendly staff create a pavement management plan for your association that will help save your pavement and reduce your maintenance costs for the long run.

*** Making sure problems like these are addressed at the start of Spring is your best defense. Winter can wreak havoc on basins and low spots. ***

Now is the time to contact your paving contractor for a comprehensive inspection to begin planning for your spring asphalt repairs. Contact EastCoat Pavement for your free consultation to evaluate repairs that need to be done and begin planning and scheduling your pavement management plan!

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