Asphalt Crack Filling

Asphalt Crack Filler Is Used For Sealing Cracks In Pavement.

Pavement deterioration often begins with small cracks in the black top’s surface. The first line of defense against pavement deterioration associated with cracked asphalt is hot rubberized asphalt crack filler.

We often get asked “how long should my new pavement last?” and we can give a general answer (15-30 years), but this is based on how well your asphalt is maintained.

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Some Items That Can Affect Your Pavement’s Overall Lifespan

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Asphalt crack filler is one of the most important pavement maintenances in preserving your asphalt. It can go a long way in preventing larger damages. If we fix asphalt cracks in their early stages, by using hot rubberized asphalt crack filler, or patching asphalt cracks, we can prevent the cracks from growing much larger, and deeper. Water is the most destructive element to pavement, so if it finds its way into open cracks, it could penetrate and compromise the base of your asphalt. This can result in the need for complete removal and replacement of your pavement.

Benefits Of Asphalt Crack Filler

  • Crack filling helps to prevent water penetration and helps to avoid larger problems.
  • Hot rubberized asphalt crack filler is flexible, so this means that during seasonal changes (contracting and expanding) the filler can move.
  • It can extend the life of you asphalt.
  • Helps to avoid tripping hazard and vehicle hazards associated with large cracks and potholes.
  • It’s CHEAP – like 45-75 cents per foot cheap!

What’s The Best Time Of Year For Crack Filling?

  • Asphalt crack filler can be applied anytime between April and December, but fall is the ideal season because of the weather.
  • With cooler temperatures, the material sets faster, as compared to the summer months when it is extremely hot and sunny, which could result in stickiness and a much longer drying time.

How Often Should I Repair Cracks In Asphalt?

  • Proper asphalt crack repair on an annual, or biennial basis is the best way to prevent problems from getting out of control and escalating your maintenance costs.
  • Additional crack filling should be completed as needed throughout the year.
  • Before applying asphalt sealer, cracks should be filled.
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Winter’s Effect On Asphalt

Winter is harsh on asphalt, so preparing your surface BEFORE winter begins is very important. Before winter make sure:

  • Any pavement cracks are sealed
  • Any existing potholes are filled
  • Your pavement lines are visible
  • Your snow markers are installed around curbing and stationary obstacles
  • To document any broken curbing or asphalt damage prior to snow plowing season
  • That a snow plowing contract and plan is in place for salt/ice

Crack filling can be performed on parking lots, roads, airports, etc. at any time during the day or night. Although the natural cycle of pavement deterioration cannot be stopped, it can be slowed and managed with help from the right team of professionals. Because of this, fixing cracks in asphalt can be one of the best investments you’ll make.

EastCoat’s experienced asphalt crack repair team will identify problem areas and recommend smart solutions using the best asphalt crack filler for correction.

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