Line Striping

Parking Lot Striping & Garage Striping

Regular parking lot paint is beneficial and important for several reasons and a freshly painted parking lot can make a lasting impression to prospective clients. Clean and crisp lines show your tenants and customers that you care and respect your property. Line striping may seem like it is primarily for aesthetic purposes but restriping your parking lot is necessary for ADA compliance, and safety. Asphalt line striping that was poorly done can decrease the aesthetic appeal of your property, as well as cause traffic and compliance issues.

Regular asphalt maintenance is very important in maintaining and preserving your asphalt investment. When it comes to line striping your asphalt, restriping should occur at least every other year. The main reasons why clear, correct, and in compliance parking lot stripes are so important is because;

  1. Safety
  2. Maximizing Space
  3. Meeting ADA regulations
  4. Curb Appeal
Line Striping

Parking Lot Safety Through Line Striping

Pavement markings are used for traffic coordination, creating safety for pedestrians and traffic. Properly marked traffic symbols and crosswalks helps to direct traffic effectively and safely. In your commercial lot, you want traffic to flow quickly, safely, and efficiently. Markings that are faded can lead to accidents (that the property owner could be held liable for due to not properly maintaining the lot), especially in winter when snow makes even the freshest of lines hard to see.

Maximizing Parking Lot Space

When planning your line striping project, your paving professional will structure a lot that maximizes the space of your property. Poorly positioned spaces can lead to minimized space. Additionally, if lines are not clear, cars are more likely to park inaccurately minimizing your lot space, even if the original format maximized it.

Parking Lot ADA Regulations When Line Striping

This is one of the most important reasons to properly and regularly have your parking lot painted. Your paving professional should be well versed in all ADA regulations for all areas that they service (as they may differ). For example, in 2017 CT passed into law Public Act 16-78 to replace the international symbol of accessibility with a new, modernized symbol that illustrates a more active wheelchair user. Updated laws and regulations often requires an update to your parking lot lines. In terms of meeting ADA regulations for your unique lot, there are many areas of compliance to consider like; size of accessible spots, number of accessible spots, signage, sidewalk regulations, route created, van accessible requirements, etc.

asphalt parking lot line striping

Curb Appeal For Your Parking Lot

A freshly sealed and striped lot goes a long way in increasing your property’s curb appeal. If you’re neglecting your lot, it could give your customers or residents the idea that you’re also neglecting your tenants, business, or building. Also, if navigating through your parking lot is a headache, this could be enough to keep people from coming back.

Parking Lot Painting In Cold Weather

While in some scenarios, this can be done, it’s not recommended. Why? Well, the paint won’t dry correctly, it won’t adhere correctly, and it won’t last because of this. However, having your lot restriped before winter is so important. As mentioned above, undefined lines can wreak havoc (safety and efficiency) when winter snow hits.

How Much Does Parking Lot Paint Cost?

As with any other service-based product, the final price will vary per job, but to get an idea of an average price for line striping a lot you’ll need to consider; minimums, restripes vs. new layout, number of pavement markings, time project will take, etc. To give you an idea of average costs for standard parking lots we can review below.

  • A typical gas station is about 5,000 square feet and may take about 2 hours = about $300.
  • A restaurant storefront like McDonald’s may be about 10,000 square feet and may require 2 trips at 2 hours each = about $600.
  • A small shopping center with around 100,000 square feet will take around 6 hours (at night) = about $1000.
  • A large commercial lot like a Home Depot can take anywhere from 10-20 hours = about $1500-$3000.

The national average parking lot painting job will costs around $1100 – but again, this is a rough-ballpark estimate based on national averages. This is NOT an actual quote… READ MORE

Painting Athletic Surfaces & Playgrounds

School districts across CT rely on EastCoat Pavement Services to handle their sealing and striping parking lot needs as well as other pavement needs like running tracks, tennis courts, playgrounds and other athletic fields. When planning your field paint job, you’ll need to consider dimensions, zones, goals, and other necessary specs depending on the sport(s) to be played on the field.

While DIYing services is commonly used to save money, DIY parking lot striping is never recommended. Find out why HERE.

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