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There are three essential structural elements of asphalt pavement; subgrade preparation, asphalt pavement thickness, and asphalt drainage. These elements, and the asphalt paving process will vary in terms of commercial asphalt paving vs. residential driveway asphalt paving.

Subgrade preparation is a very important stage of pavement preparation because its quality directly correlates to how long your pavement will last. Meeting the minimum requirements for asphalt paving thickness (specifications vary for driveway paving and commercial parking lot paving) also plays a large part in the overall lifespan of your asphalt. If your asphalt is paved too thin, it will likely deteriorate prematurely.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

One of the most vital (and sometimes forgotten) aspects of a paving project is incorporating the proper drainage system. When drainage is done correctly, it should be basically invisible, however if it was overlooked or done incorrectly it will be pretty evident. Water in the most deteriorating element to asphalt, and because of this, improper drainage can be detrimental to your asphalt.

For a detailed breakdown of each pertinent structural element, you can review our Asphalt Pavement Guide (links below), which breaks down each individually.

Part 1: Asphalt Pavement Guide: Subgrade Preparations 
Part 2: Asphalt Pavement Guide: Thickness
Part 3: Asphalt Pavement Guide: Drainage

parking lot asphalt paving

Paving Methods

There are two environmentally-friendly methods of paving.

  1. Milling – Milling asphalt is a method of resurfacing asphalt using a milling machine to grind down the top course of existing asphalt (typically 1.5” depth). These millings are then loaded onto a waiting dump truck to be hauled off site for recycling. Parking lot milling is less expensive than reclamation.
  2. Pulverization or full depth asphalt reclamation – This asphalt reclamation process is extremely “green” because it reuses the existing pavement. The full depth of the asphalt and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials are pulverized and blended together to produce a stabilized base course to pave on.

Concrete vs. Asphalt

For larger commercial paving jobs, asphalt is almost always the better choice. When deciding between concrete or asphalt, there are several categories to consider like; cost, durability, cracking, maintenance/repairs, and installation process. Concrete vs asphalt is not always a simple answer as it depends on the details of your project. We outline a detailed comparison of the two materials in all 5 of the categories listed above in our blog “Concrete Pavers Vs. Asphalt”.

Best Time To Pave

Weather plays a large role in determining the best time and/or day to complete your pavement job. There are certain weather specifications that must be met for a seamless pavement installation. We can determine what day will have the best temperature for asphalt paving, as well as which day will be the driest.

A lot of clients ask the question, can I have asphalt paving done in winter? If the ground is frozen, asphalt paving should not take place. If the hot asphalt mix is poured onto a frozen ground, it will immediately begin to stiffen interfering with proper compaction. Because of this, depending on the season, by the middle of December most pavers are closed for winter.

The asphalt paving process involves many underlying services, requiring outside contractors, such as sewer and gas companies, drainage experts, landscaping contractors and concrete contractors. EastCoat is experienced in managing all the moving parts of commercial projects by using our reliant network of contractors throughout Connecticut.

A paving job is more than just showing up with dump trucks and pavers. Paving a new parking lot or replacing an old one, can be a giant undertaking for most property owners, and our years of experience have allowed us to understand the stakes involved. We will take you through a step by step process and procedure. We will also help to come up with a plan to fit your budget as well as a logistical strategy that works best for your tenants and residents.

Once your new parking lot is installed and the pavement lines are professionally painted by our crews, EastCoat’s periodic parking lot and driveway maintenance services will help extend the life of your new investment.

For many clients, paving is the largest investment they’ll make on their properties. When looking for asphalt paving contractors, EastCoat’s expertise and knowledge in commercial paving ensures you will receive not only the best value, but the most experienced crew and project management. In 2013, our Paving & Repair services were recognized in a national Top 50 Contractor survey from Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine (the only company in Connecticut to be named).

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