gravel driveway vs paved driveway

Gravel Driveway Or Asphalt Paved Driveway?

The primary advantage of installing a gravel driveway is its low cost. The installation process for a gravel driveway is also much simpler. But, there are some downsides to using gravel as your driveway material too. Like any other material, it has its pros and cons.

Here is a pros and cons list for a gravel driveway vs. a paved asphalt driveway:

Gravel Driveway:

Pros –

  • gravel driveway vs asphalt paved driveway Affordable (typically $1-$5 per square foot)
  • Easy to install – does not require heavy machinery and compaction
  • Also creates a unique look and increased curb appeal

Cons –

  • Snow removal – As you can imagine, plowing a rocky surface is not easy and some gravel is likely to get plowed up.
  • Raking – Raking leaves is also challenging on this type of surface. Leaf blowers may not be powerful enough to blow away loose gravel.
  • Regular replacement – While a gravel driveway is fairly low maintenance, replacing broken material regularly is important. Because sharp edges have the potential to puncture tires, or cause injury to exposed skin. Also, fresh material keeps your gravel driveway looking beautiful.

Required Maintenance –

  • Replacing sharp/broken stones regularly to maintain curb appeal and avoid damages.
  • Fixing dips, holes, or gaps cannot happen by racking stones from other areas of the driveway into the deficit. Because this will create another weak spot.
  • Add a fresh layer of gravel/crushed stone each year to keep things fresh.

Asphalt Paved Driveway:


  • gravel driveway vs asphalt paved driveway Durability – Lasts 25-30 years if installed correctly and maintained properly.
  • Cheap and easy maintenance
  • Versatile – Asphalt allows for varying construction and thickness capabilities. This allows the material to meet the needs of all different types of asphalt projects.
  • Eco-friendly – Recycling asphalt can happen many times over, giving it several lives and making it very “green”.
  • Cost Effective – As far as paved surfaces go, asphalt is one of the most cost effective

Cons –

  • The need for regular maintenance to preserve your asphalt
  • Water and winter elements are very damaging to asphalt.

Required Maintenance –

When it comes to choosing the right material for your driveway, consider what your needs are first. Then evaluate the pros and cons for each. Concrete, concrete pavers, asphalt, and gravel all have pros and cons. Depending on your needs and wants, certain materials will be a better fit for your project than others. A gravel driveway may just be the perfect material for your style of home and your needs! When it comes to parking lot paving, asphalt is almost always the best choice. This is because of its cost, durability, and versatility. For all parking lot paving and asphalt repair and maintenance needs, contact EastCoat Pavement Services for your free consultation!

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