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Constructing A Parking Lot Design

There are several things to consider when constructing a new parking lot design. Or if you are revamping your existing parking lot layout to achieve functionality, aesthetic appeal, and safety. The most important aspect of formulating a new parking lot design is planning properly.

Here are some major areas of consideration to help construct the best parking lot design for your specific needs –

  1. Identifying Your Lot’s Purpose

drive thru parking lot designThe best design for your lot will rely heavily on the purpose of your lot. Is it a retail lot, an office building, or a condominium complex, etc.? Each scenario will offer different needs and different traffic patterns/densities. For example, a parking lot that sees many shipments from heavy vehicles will likely need to be constructed differently. Taking into consideration the thickness, design, and general layout than a residential condominium lot. Three areas of parking lot design that will vary based on the lot’s purpose are; size, thickness, and parking space layout. Parking spaces are typically angled differently to accommodate different types of traffic. Another example of a unique design is a drive thru window option like a fast-food facility, or a bank.

  1. Establishing Type Of Space For Functionality

Establishing first how many parking spots are necessary for your industry is important. Getting an idea of how many spaces your lot will need for your type of facility/business is key. Once number of spots needed is determined, the size of each space will need to be established. This will also vary based on the type of traffic expected. Additionally, ADA regulations need to be a large part of your spacing consideration during the planning phase (signage, number of accessible spaces for size of lot, van accessibility, accessible isle, etc.). Consider all of this before you begin your parking lot design blueprint.

  1. Determining Effective Traffic Flow

proper parking lot design for spacesThe last thing you want is for your parking lot to deter customers and/or actually lose you money. If traffic flow and markings are ineffective or not visible, those visiting will likely dread parking. Especially if they cause traffic jams. This could result in customers not returning. Clearing indicating traffic directions in the most effective and safest way possible. Ideas for with signage, asphalt pavement markings, and parking barriers. Signage and markings include, yield and stop signs, crosswalks, accessible markings, traffic arrows, drive-thru directions, one-way signs, etc.

  1. Considering Safety In The Parking Lot Design –

During the parking lot design phase, safety should be at the top of your list of priorities. Safety encompasses several things. This includes the ADA and traffic flow directions and markings mentioned above, but also additional elements like lighting. If your lot has poor lighting, this could lead to dangerous circumstances at night. Or worse, customers feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. But, your lighting should also be safe for night driving. Try to avoid glare or visibility issues for drivers – angling lights downward will help with this. Additional accessible safety measures to consider are access ramp elevations, and potential barriers within an accessible path. Also consider future maintenance associated with asphalt repair needs that if left untreated could be potentially dangerous.

  1. Establishing A Maintenance Plan –

maintenance plan as part of parking lot designNot only do you want to consider a future maintenance plan to ensure safety of those frequenting your lot, but also to ensure that you are getting the most out of your parking lot asphalt paving investment. Failing to account for a repair and maintenance plan can result in unnecessary damages and costs associated with these injuries. Asphalt repair is extremely cost effective when considering the low cost vs. high benefits of these practices. Aside from protection of travelers and your asphalt itself, asphalt repair and maintenance also helps to keep your facility looking fresh and increase its curb appeal, overall increasing value!

Having a well-constructed parking lot design that is overall effective, functional, appealing, and safe is extremely important. When hiring a paving contractor to tackle a new design, or a re-design, it is important to hire one with commercial paving experience. Our highly trained and high knowledgeable staff at EastCoat Pavement specializes in commercial asphalt paving and parking lot design. So, when hiring us, you can feel confident in relying on our expertise. We will work alongside of you to construct a custom parking lot design. It will not only be ideal for your specific needs, but one that also meets all of the above requirements. Contact us today for your free parking lot consultation!

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