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Field Paint Striping – Beyond The Parking Lot

Football season has returned! If you are tuning in to watch the kickoff games this season, you may notice freshly painted field markings. Even team logos at center field or in end zones have paint. Did you know that parking lot painters (like us!) can also apply field paint? Line marking machines that stripe your lot for safety and efficiency can also be used for leisure activities (sports facilities). Specific field markings are used in football, basketball, baseball, track & field, golf, etc.

Line Marking Machines Uses –

  1. Parking Lot Striping
  2. Safety Pavement Markings
  3. Safety Zones In Warehouses/Manufacturing Facilities
  4. Sport Facility Field Painting

basketball field paintIf your field lines are not accurately marked, it can really throw off a game. Painting a custom logo at the center field is a great way to give your field a professional look. However, painting lines and/or a logo on a field is no easy feat, and it’s important that it is done right the first time to avoid smudging, inaccuracy, safety concerns, and quick fading.

When planning your field paint project, you’ll need to consider dimensions, zones, goals, and other necessary specs. As these dimension are in relation to the specific sport/activity. If your facility is the home field for several sports, field markings for each will need to be visible. This can make things even more confusing (like a high school football field that also uses it for lacrosse games). Each area and line will need to be careful measurement and will have to meet standard guidelines.

Here Are Some Tips For Accurately Applying Athletic Field Paint –

  1. Maintain & Clean The Field First – Like parking lot paint preparation, making sure that your field is cleaned, mowed, and properly maintained before field paint is applied is very important. A well-maintained grass, court, or turf surface makes painting easier, quicker, and allows for better accuracy.
  2. football field paintCheck The Weather – Weather conditions are important when it comes to any striping job, and field paint is no different. Making sure that conditions will be dry before, during, and after your painting project is key in ensuring the paint takes and dries properly.
  3. The Right Equipment For The Job – It may be tempting to make your own stencils and apply your own field paint. But without the right equipment, your paint job will likely be inefficient and unappealing. By using a professional line striper you will ensure that the use of proper equipment, and techniques will take place.
  4. Hiring The Right Team – Since you can easily find videos all over the internet with DIY field painting tutorials, it is easy to consider doing your own field paint project. But, line striping of any kind really is not the easiest of DIY jobs. Finding enough man power, the right equipment, ensuring accuracy, and aiming for longevity are key items to concur in order to guarantee a successful striping job. If you are choosing to recruit a team of friends for your field paint job, be sure your team has enough players to do the job well.

How We Can Assist

EastCoat Pavement Services can handle many of your striping needs. From your asphalt parking lot surfaces, to your running tracks, football fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and other athletic surfaces. As line stripers, we know that striping projects are not as easy as they may seem. We understand how precise these markings need to be for both accuracy and aesthetic purposes. Additionally, these projects cannot happen without the proper equipment. Save your DIY time for simpler projects, and let us help you accurately and beautifully mark and customize your team fields! Contact EastCoat Pavement Services for your free consultation today, and let us properly prepare your fields for the new season!

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