Need A Parking Lot Line Painter Before Winter?

Most paving companies are beginning to close up shop for the winter by the end of November or early December. The good news is that there is still time to have your parking lot projects done; especially repairs and maintenance like line striping. So, if you are still in need of a parking lot line painter, it’s not too late. In fact, we highly recommend that you get your lot restriped before winter.

Contacting your professional parking lot line painter before winter is important for several reasons.


  1. Clear Traffic Indicators & Space Markings – It’s already hard enough to operate a vehicle in inclement weather, so navigating a parking lot with no visible traffic markings or well-defined parking spaces is extra challenging. When snow piles up on a parking lot, even well-defined lines get a little hazy. So if your parking lot paint is nonexistent or extremely warn out, visibility in winter will be nearly impossible.Parking Lot Line Painter
  2. Avoid Accidents – Traffic and other pavement markings are there for a reason. Without them, you may be increasing the chances of accidents on your property. With this, you’re also increasing your liability, since it is your responsibility as the property manager/owner to maintain the common areas; which includes the parking lot.
  3. ADA Requirements – ADA regulations require up-to-date parking lot markings. This is especially important when restriping a lot, as your parking lot line painter should be well-versed in current ADA regulations. Did you know that CT passed a law that requires an updated International Symbol Of Accessibility?
  4. Effective Parking Lot Design – You already know that in winter you are going to be losing some parking lot space (space taken by pile of plowed snow). If your parking lot spaces and markings were not designed correctly to maximize space, this means you’re getting even less space in winter. Not only can a professional parking lot line painter structure the most effective parking lot layout for your specific property and its needs, but it also ensures that you are controlling where vehicles go. If your parking lot spaces do not have clear marks vehicles will likely park haphazardly. In which, decreasing the available space. Bright, defining lines allow for the maximum number of vehicles, and ensures that traffic direction is going where it should to create efficiency and safety.

Line Striping


Line striping is not an easy job, and it is not one we recommend you DIY. In addition to the actual paint job itself being very complex, ADA regulations, proper layout, safety traffic markings, etc. need to be up to code and safe. Since there is so much to consider, and a proper parking lot paint job requires extensive knowledge and intricate attention to detail, it is always best to contact your professional parking lot line painter for your restripe or new layout job.

Parking Lot Line PainterWondering how much it’ll cost to hire a parking lot line painter? Well, to get an exact price, you’ll need to call for an in-person estimate. (Many factors can affect final price like; minimums, restripe vs. new layout, number of markings, time to complete, etc.). But, as a baseline, the national average parking lot painting job is around $1100. Visit our blog Parking Lot Line Painting: How Much Does It Cost? for extensive detail on this.

Prepare Your Lots

To prepare your lot for parking lot paint, you’ll want to first inspect your lot and ensure repairs are complete. Then you’ll want to setup a plan for alternate parking arrangements for the day (or more) of work completion. Also, you want to make sure that your lot is clean prior to your schedule date for parking lot paint. The line striping needs a dry pavement for application to take place properly. Make sure to turn your sprinklers off at least 24 hours before your painter arrives!

It is important to have your parking lot restriped before winter, and it’s not too late! Contact EastCoat Pavement Services today for your free parking lot striping consultation and make sure your lot is properly marked before our first snowstorm!

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