Parking Lot Line Painting: What Is The Cost?

Regular parking lot line painting is beneficial and important for several reasons like; safety, maximization of space, curb appeal, and meeting ADA regulations. At a minimum, you should be re-striping your parking lot every other year. Since this maintenance task should be performed regularly, it is important to understand and know its cost so you can properly budget. Budgeting properly and ahead of time as a manager of a commercial property is particularly important.

Parking lot line painting pavement markings, ada parking regulationsWhen it comes to parking lot line painting, pricing can work a few different ways and there are several things to consider. Parking lot line painting costs require a tallying of every single item that needs painting; number of parking stalls, handicap accessible stalls, arrows, stop bars, speed bumps, fire lane, etc. Most companies will present your quote in the form of a lump sum. This is not to overwhelm a property owner with a list of itemized pricing.

Here are some things to consider when pricing out a parking lot striping job:

  1. Minimums

    – It is important to keep in mind that most contractors typically have a minimum service charge for smaller jobs. (Jobs that consist of less than 30-50 parking spaces). This minimum charge covers all the costs of mobilizing a crew and equipment to a smaller job. When working with professional companies, you can expect the minimum national average to be between $300-$500  for a simple re-painting job. And anywhere between $500-$700 for a new layout job, over new asphalt for example.

  2. Restripe Vs. New LayoutParking lot line painting pavement markings

    – For any striping job, we will first need to consider if it is a restripe job, or a completely new layout. Are we laying out all new lines over freshly paved asphalt? Or are we just re-painting a coat on lines that are already there? A restripe job will typically be cheaper than a new layout. That is because, with a new layout we will have to factor in design time and layout of the new spaces and markings, which takes a considerable amount of time. Even with existing architectural or construction plans. This means our planning phase for a new layout, before we even begin our parking lot line painting, will be very time consuming.

  3. Number Of Pavement Markings

    – The number of pavement markings that are on the site will play a large role in your project cost. Pavement markings are everything other than stalls (arrows, handicap marking, number stencils, speed bumps, stop bars, no parking markings, etc.). Typically, about half of your line striping costs will be absorbed in pavement markings.

  4. Time Project Will Take

    – The size of your project will obviously be a big factor in determining your overall cost; how long a project will take, and how many trips it will require to complete because of traffic or business hours, etc. To give you an idea of how long average parking lot striping jobs take here are some example;

    • A typical gas station is about 5,000 square feet and may take about 2 hours = about $300.
    • A storefront like McDonald’s may be about 10,000 square feet and may require 2 trips at 2 hours each = about $600.
    • A small shopping center with around 100,000 square feet will take around 6 hours (at night) = about $1000.
    • A large commercial lot like a Home Depot can take anywhere from 10-20 hours = about $1500-$3000.

The Bottom Line – When all is said and done, the national average parking lot painting job will cost around $1100.

*** These costs are based on industry averages and ARE NOT exact price quotes. Line striping projects will vary from site to site. Our free comprehensive estimates will help you to determine actual cost to be paid. ***

When planning your maintenance budget for the year, it is important to add line striping into your pavement maintenance list at least every other year! Fresh and easily identifiable parking lot paint is important for many reasons. The professionals at EastCoat Pavement can help you to put together a completely new layout. One with a fresh paving, or we can restripe existing lines and markings for you. Contact us today for your free consultation, and let us help you keep your lot fresh, safe, and within compliance!

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