Saving On Asphalt Repair 

When facing a driveway or parking lot repair, the first rule of thumb is beware of quick fixes!

A quick fix is often just that —a short-lived repair that will cost you more in the long run. Fixes like cold patches or simple pothole filling are not going to last and won’t be worth your time or aggravation! 

How Can You Save On Asphalt Repair Without Affecting Longevity?   

For sections of deteriorated asphalt both large and small, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness, longevity, and ease of saw cut patching. By cutting away sections of failed asphalt and replacing them with new, you’re not only creating a durable and long-lasting repair, but you’re also helping to extend the life of the pavement overall and delaying a costly replacement (re-pave). 

Eastcoat Pavement Services

Typically, asphalt patching parking lots and driveways involve neatly marking out the areas and cutting with an asphalt saw. Depending on the cause and extent of the damage and the scope of work agreed upon, oftentimes the asphalt can be reclaimed and recycled into processed stone right in place. The most important element in the repair process is to ensure the sub-base is solid and has ample processed stone underneath the asphalt to support the needs and demands of that particular surface. Commercial parking lots have different requirements than residential driveways, so it’s best to speak to your contractor about the specific needs of your property and your budget.  

Before proceeding with any driveway or parking lot repairs, the area should be carefully inspected to determine the extent of the damage. Spring is the perfect time to assess and plan out your asphalt maintenance projects for summer, as asphalt patching is only one part of a vital asphalt maintenance schedule. Here are some asphalt repairs to add to your parking lot maintenance and repair checklist:  


  1. Filling Cracks  (every 1-2 years) 


  1. Patching Potholes (as needed, annually) 


  1. Applying Asphalt Sealer (every 2-3 years)  


  1. Line Striping Services (every 1-2 years) 


  1. Repairing Catch Basins (as needed, should be inspected annually) 

EastCoat Pavement Services is a family-run commercial asphalt contractor that specializes in commercial maintenance services including annual upkeep, repairsealcoatingcrack sealing, and line striping. We can put into place the best preventative parking lot maintenance plan for your budget and make recommendations on the best time to be sealing, crack filling, line striping, and paving your lot.   


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