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Paving Companies And Paving Season

Paving companies are officially getting ready for paving season, and that means you should be too!

Paving companies are beginning to open up shop again for the season. Now’s the time to begin getting your lot ready for summer.

Preparing Your Parking Lot For Summer Should Include:

  1. spring paving repairs paving companies near meInspecting lot for winter damage

    When the weather has finally stayed above freezing on a consistent basis, and warmer days are on the horizon, it’s a good time to really inspect and survey your lot for repairs that need to be done at the start of paving season. Keep in mind that paving companies are slammed with repair jobs at the start of the season, so the earlier you begin thinking about prepping your lot for summer, the better. Checking your lot during the rainy spring months during (or right after) a storm is important, because water can show a number of deficiencies in asphalt like; potholes, rutting, cracks, and drainage issues.

  2. Addressing concerns or problems indicated during inspection

    This should include pothole repairs, plow damage repairs to your lot and curbs, and implementing a more permanent fix for any temporary cold patching you may have done.

  3. Planning for maintenance

    Paving companies can help you to put together the best pavement maintenance plan for your particular lot. Now is the time to begin implementing this plan which should include, asphalt repairs, crack filling, parking lot sealing, and restriping your parking lot lines.

  4. Plan for parking lot paving layout if it’s time for a new lot

    If it’s time for a completely new parking lot paving job, or you are paving your lot for the first time, now’s the time to prepare for this large summer paving project. Paving companies are officially beginning their paving season. It is important to begin planning your parking lot structure and layout, if you haven’t already. Click HERE for steps to include in your parking lot paving plan. If you are paving your parking lot for the first time, there are several important areas of focus you want to nail down before beginning your paving project.

    • Identify Your Lot’s Purposetraffic flow during paving with paving companies
    • Establish The Functional Needs
    • Put Together An Effective Traffic Flow
    • Consider Safety A Top Priority
    • Establish Your Maintenance & Repair Plan

Hire The Professionals

When establishing your “go-to” paving company, you’ll want to make sure that you are considering reputable paving companies. Here are some ways to tell whether your paver is reputable.

  • What’s their digital presence look like? First of all, do they have a digital footprint at all? Secondly, check out their online reputation across several 3rd party review sites.
  • How is their customer service? Once you get past the initial digital search stage, you will likely begin reaching out to some of the top contenders. During the beginning phases, heavily analyze customer service and communication when dealing with the paving companies. If the communication starts out bad when they are still trying to earn your business, chances are it will only get worse once you sign.
  • What does the estimate look like? It’s important that your estimate is very specific and in writing. You want to know exactly what you will be getting for your money.
  • Are the paving companies you are considering insured? If you are hiring uninsured, in the event that anything should happen, your insurance policies will be used instead.

When hiring EastCoat Pavement services for your parking lot paving project, you can feel confident in our years of experience. We even provide jobs specifically working with parking lots in CT. As paving companies begin preparing for our paving season, you should too! Contact EastCoat Pavement today to begin preparing your lot for summer!

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