An Invisible But Vital Aspect Of Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to installing a new parking lot, proper drainage is not often the first thing that comes to mind, but it is one of the most important. When parking lot drainage is done correctly, it is often invisible, and because of this it is easy for someone untrained in the profession to overlook this vital aspect of pavement installation. However, if this is overlooked and/or done incorrectly during your parking lot paving job, it will be very evident.

parking lot paving needs proper drainageWarning signs that your parking lot is lacking proper drainage:

  • Pooling water or running water down the center of your lot
  • Evidence of sand, rocks, or a dusty residue in low spots on your paved surface (result of water breaking down asphalt and carrying sand from the asphalt with it)
  • Water penetration of exterior walls

Some aspects to be considered to achieve a proper parking lot drainage system installation:

  • Slope – the slope of your parking lot is designed to force water to run to intended areas
  • Water direction – Water should be running in a path that is moving away from exterior walls
  • Asphalt curbing – This can help to direct the flow of water into a grassy area by channeling water through the curb line towards a proper drainage point.
  • Drains and Inlets – This helps to provide a place for water to run off throughout your parking lot. They should be placed strategically.
  • Avoid contributing to pollution – Water from your parking lot running into local waterways can contribute to pollution because the water running off or your parking lot pavement picks up oils, grease, and other pollutants that can contaminate water sources.

Your parking lot’s future depends on a proper drainage system as it helps to ensure the longevity of your parking lot. Improper water collection at your pavement’s surface can be damaging to surrounding walls, cars, pedestrians, local water sources, and your asphalt surface (leads to deterioration, cracks, deep water penetration, etc.). Water that is standing in certain areas for extended lengths of time following storms will ultimately result in penetration of the subsoil, leading to cracks and weakening of the base.

professional parking lot pavingWhen hiring a professional for your parking lot paving project, they will create a strategy to move water to designated areas and away from exterior walls and undesirable locations. They possess the knowledge and experience to not only understand the importance of proper parking lot drainage, but also to execute a strategic plan that is best for your unique property.

It is very easy to overlook accounting for proper drainage during paving/parking lot installation when not properly trained or when attempting DIY. The professionals at EastCoat Pavement services will provide a custom project plan outlining the entire project, which will include the best method for parking lot drainage, prior to beginning a project. Paving a parking lot is a large and labor-intensive job. One that requires experience and knowledge, and as a properly owner, you want to make sure you are getting the job done right the first time to avoid damages. Contact EastCoat Pavement Services for your free comprehensive consultation today!

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