Why Fall Is The Best Time For Crack Filler Services

Pavement upkeep is a very important routine that plays a significant role in the overall health and lifespan of your pavement. Parking lot maintenance may include repairs to damaged pavement, updating parking lot line painting, sealcoating, crack filling or all of the above! But, once the leaves start turning in Connecticut, the best bang for your buck in pavement maintenance is crack filler and repair services.

Large pavement issues often begin with very small cracks within a pavement’s surface. By maintaining and fixing cracks in the surface, you can avoid larger, more costly problems that are associated with leaving a crack untreated.  Plus crack filling is a relatively inexpensive maintenance service, often time less than a buck per linear foot.  For all it’s preventative benefits, there is no better single service that can extend the life of your pavement investment.

asphalt crack filler servicesAlthough crack filling can be done April-December, we feel the Fall season gives us the best weather in which to do the work.   With cooler temperatures, the material sets up faster, allowing us to work quickly and open areas sooner than in the summer months when it’s extremely hot.  Also, the chances of any stickiness associated with pedestrian or vehicle traffic is non-existent.

Crack filling should be completed as often as needed, but at the very least should be completed every year or two to ensure that your pavement is properly maintained.

The best ways to prevent cracks from forming:

  • Have yearly pavement inspections done to stay proactive in managing your parking lot.
  • Make sure your pavement is set up on a yearly regular maintenance schedule.
  • If you can only choose one pavement maintenance practice, crack filler is the most important to help prevent more cracks and/or prevent small cracks from becoming big problems.
  • Water is the harshest element on pavement and can quickly deteriorate your blacktop if it penetrates the base. By filling cracks before they become large damages and/or potholes, you are helping to slow down the pavement’s deterioration by limiting water penetration.
  • Proper installation is key. Starting your pavement off on the wrong foot is setting it up for failure. If your pavement is too thin, lacking the proper base, constructed with the wrong materials, etc. deterioration will likely begin prematurely.

crack filling with asphalt crack fillerWhen it comes to pavement installation, repair, and maintenance, it is important to rely on the professionals to ensure the best results. Paving is a large investment, and because of that, it should be protected. The trained professionals at EastCoat Pavement Services will not only ensure that your paving project is completed correctly using the best materials and techniques, but we can also help to put together a plan for regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. Crack filler is the most cost effective and important parking lot maintenance practice, and now is the best time to do it! Contact EastCoat Pavement today for your free maintenance consultation and let us help formulate the best protection plan for your pavement!

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