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Do HOAs Include Pavers?

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are legal entities consisting of individual homes or condo units within a development. Typical developments that are a part of Homeowners’ associations are townhome communities, condo complexes, and some subdivision neighborhoods. Homeowners living in HOA communities are required to be a part of the homeowners’ association, as well as pay a monthly fee to cover upkeep and maintenance to the common areas and buildings. However, it is not uncommon for homeowners in HOA communities to not actually know what is covered under or included in their HOA fees.

Typically, an HOA is responsible for:

  • Establishing and collecting maintenance fees
  • Maintaining landscaping
  • Maintaining recreation facilities
  • Providing a common area for entertaining
  • Providing security
  • Arranging for street maintenance
  • Enforcing rules and regulations

Prior to purchasing a home within an HOA, it is important to read and fully understand what is included within your specific association fees, as they will each vary per location. As a property manager, it is important to adhere to all regulations and responsibilities specified to avoid damages or liabilities associated with not doing so.

Generally speaking, the exterior of a building is usually the responsibility of the HOA, while the interior of their home is the responsibility of it’s owner. However, details may vary per development.

your HOA includes paversParking lot maintenance, pothole repair, line striping, and paving typically fall under road maintenance and upkeep, making the HOA, or by extension, the property management teams responsible for these projects and regular maintenance tasks.

Since paving is one of the largest capital investments your HOA will have to make over a thirty year span, getting the most out of it is very important in making the investment worth it, and to keep your costs down. The only way that your pavement will last its entire expected lifespan, is if it is properly maintained, regularly. Really, you can’t afford NOT to maintain your pavement.

Neglected parking lot maintenance can not only speed up the natural deterioration process, and cost you more money, but it could also cause related incidents leading to even more money and penalties. Such damages may include; accidents from poorly painted or warn out traffic lines, damages from large pot holes, or water damage to homes if parking drainage is poor, or needs correction. If these damages do occur, the homeowner will likely look to recoup their injuries by filing a claim and citing the neglected maintenance of the HOA as the damage cause. A claim can also be filed if homeowners suspect, or know, that fees designated for a certain project or regular maintenances is used for, or towards, other bills.

Additionally, keeping a well-groomed appearance in all common areas of your property will increase resale value, as well as attract more buyers. An extremely warn out parking lot, or one full of potholes is not only a source of annoyance, but it also hints that the property is not well managed. A well-maintained property communicates as well-managed property, making the homes on your property more desirable.

When it comes to large scale projects on your property, like paving, hiring a highly trained professional that understands the needs of your unique site is key in the success of the project – your pavement’s overall life expectancy depends on it!

At EastCoat Pavement Services, we understand that each site is different and we have crafted our process around this idea.

  • Perform thorough site survey & analysiseastcoat pavers process, paving site analysis, paving in hoa fees
  • Present recommendations for repair or maintenance
  • Provide detailed proposal
  • Create custom project plan
  • Manage project efficiently to completion

For all of your paving, parking lot striping, parking lot maintenance, and sealcoating needs, trust in the knowledgeable and highly trained staff at EastCoat Pavement Services. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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