Your Spring Asphalt Action Plan

As the days grow longer, warmer weather is just around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about your springtime assessment for your paved surfaces. Winter damage from plows, the freeze thaw cycle, and melting snow should be evaluated before paving season begins to ensure that any needed repairs can be scheduled during the pavement industries busy season. Winter can take a heavy toll on your paved asphalt surfaces. If potholes and cracks are not addressed it can make the damage much worse over time. 

Visual Inspection  

The wet spring weather provides an ideal time for a visual inspection. After a spring shower, cracks and ruts appear darker and are more easily spotted because they take longer to dry out. Take a walk around your and observe any changes in your lot. After you’ve done a brief inspection yourself, it is important to have a professional inspection as well to uncover other necessary repairs that are not as obvious.  

Sand Sweeping 


Sweeping up debris and excess sand left over from the plowing season is a great way to start the Spring, reduce dust and clean up the look of your property. 

Addressing Immediate Concerns 


Pothole Repair 


Making sure your lot is pothole-free at the start of spring is a top priority! Patching potholes and repairing plow damage can reduce your trip and fall liability and greatly extend the useful life of your lot. 


Curb Repair 


Snowplows can also take their toll on your lot’s curbs. Curb repairs are one of the basic tenets of spring cleanup, but fortunately, these repairs are quick and simple.  

Spring is also the time to put together a maintenance plan and begin implementing more permanent fixes for any temporary cold patching needed during the winter months. 


Planning for Maintenance 

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Paving companies can help you put together the best pavement maintenance plan for your particular lot; looking not only at current damage, but what remedies will likely be needed several years from now. Planning your maintenance can prevent damage and extend the life of your lot! A good maintenance plan should include an implementation schedule for asphalt repairs, crack filling, catch basins inspection, seal coating, and restriping your parking lot lines. If a new lot is needed now or in the near future, the plan should also include a paving layout plan for the new lot.  


Catch Basin Inspections 

Inspecting your basins after winter and before the heavy spring rains can prevent costly repairs down the road. The freeze and thaw cycle throughout the winter months can wreak havoc on concrete basins and can ultimately cause erosion along the foundation walls underneath, leading to collapse. In addition, salt and snow melt can deteriorate the tops of the basins, so it’s a good idea to have each one checked carefully. 
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Crack Filling 

Don’t underestimate the importance of crack filling, as it’s one of the most vital maintenance services in your arsenal. Studies have proven time and time again there is no substitute for maintaining your cracks, it can help to extend the life of your asphalt by a decade or more. Crack filling can be done quickly and has minimal impact on traffic. 

Seal Coating 

When applied in conjunction with our hot rubberized crack sealing program, the pavement’s natural deterioration rate drops dramatically. Budget for sealcoating every 2-3 years for the best in both appearance and longevity. 

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Line Striping  

Line striping is often overlooked as a safety measure, but springtime line painting is a vital service that ensures your parking lots are adequately marked and visible and that they will meet ADA accessibility compliance. 

Your Spring Asphalt Action Plan  

Now is the time to contact your paving contractor for a comprehensive inspection to begin planning for your spring asphalt repairs. Contact EastCoat Pavement for your free consultation to evaluate repairs that need to be done and begin planning and scheduling your pavement management plan! 

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