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5 Paving Qualities of a Great Commercial Parking Lot

The quality and maintenance of your parking lot can say a lot about your business. Having a quality paving company work on your lot creates the best opportunity for a long-lasting appeal. If it’s crumbling and riddled with cracks, customers may get a negative first impression on your business or organization, which can ultimately affect your bottom line.

That’s why it’s important to have a neat and professional-looking lot for visitors to park their vehicles in, complete with quality asphalt and clean lines. Plus, the professional look won’t last without getting the professional paving job.

If your business is in need of a parking lot upgrade and you’re curious what really matters when it comes to a quality commercial parking lot paving job, read on to learn some important principles.

1. Professional Process And Equipment

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When the asphalt is fresh and hot, our skilled field workers use hand rollers and plate compactors to ensure an even surface. This attention to detail means that the final product looks professional and is built to last. This increases the quality of the final paving project making it more durable.

At EastCoat Pavement, we take great pride in building some of the longest-lasting and best-looking asphalt parking lots. Our staff uses advanced, professional equipment to ensure that your parking lot looks great and will outlast that of our competitors.

2. Proper Drainage Qualities

There is no feature more important than proper drainage when it comes to ensuring your commercial parking lot lasts for many years to come. Carefully designed drainage systems will prevent the possibility of standing water, thus limiting the chances of long-term water damage and premature aging to your parking lot. Standing water can ultimately result in cracking, stripping and rutting — so for the sake of your lot, the lifeline is in the drainage.

3. Proper Lot Planning

what is included in hoa feesBy hiring a quality commercial paving company like EastCoat Pavement, you can ensure that the proper steps behind planning your project will be covered. Things like dangerous layout of a parking lot can increase liability as a business owner, so it’s important that your paving professional adequately plans the layout of your lot and accounts for other factors, too, such as ADA compliance, a regular maintenance schedule and allowing enough time for the asphalt to cure before being driven on. For example, potentially dangerous cracks that form due to asphalt aging should not be ignored, nor should any potholes or raise in elevation — which is why proper maintenance planning is required.

4. A Great Gravel Sub-Base

The future of a perfectly paved parking lot begins at its sub-base. Without a proper gravel foundation, the lot will buckle under the weight of vehicles. Plus, any existing water sitting on the pavement will eventually drain into the sub-base, which leads to stripping and potting. The integrity of the subbase is what is key to the drivability of the asphalt and the key to maintaining the ideal asphalt surface.

5. Asphalt Thickness

Asphalt Paving ThicknessThe thickness of your parking lot can ultimately impact how well it ages. If asphalt is too thin, heavier vehicles commonly associated with commercial lots will cause heavy tire pressure with less weight distribution. This could lead to rutting, a process where the asphalt sinks where tires travel.

While not every commercial parking lot is created equal, you can trust that EastCoat Pavement will do the job right and ensure that customers’ first impression of your business is a positive one. Learn more about our services here and book a free estimate with us when you’re ready.

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