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5 Things To Consider When Paving Parking Lots

Commercial paving and residential paving differ quite a bit, with the most obvious being traffic and usage. When paving a driveway, it doesn’t take much planning because the residents are likely the only day-to-day traffic this asphalt sees, and because of this, it’s easy to stay off of for a couple of days. However, when it comes to paving commercial parking lots, the things to consider increases significantly.

Parking lots are not only larger jobs, but their surfaces see a ton of day-to-day traffic, all of which is necessary to run your business. But, by hiring a professional commercial paving expert, and planning ahead, you can help ensure that your job goes smoothly, and interferes with your business as little as possible.

Here are 5 things we will consider when paving your commercial lot:

  1. Efficient Configuration – You may think parking lot configuration is pretty straight forward, but really, it’s quite complex. A business parking lot serves several functions, the number of which depends on the businesses/storefronts that it encompasses. For example, if there is a bank and/or a food establishment or pharmacy with drive thru options, the layout and functionality of these drive thru areas (how they function, size, traffic flow) need to be carefully thought out. Number of spots, size of spots, accessibility, and crosswalks (to name a few) also need to be thoroughly planned out to ensure efficiency and safety. Traffic jams and dangerous layouts can lead to liability of the property manager or owner.
  2. paving commercial parking lotsMaintenance To Avoid Injury – Regular maintenance is not only important in protecting your asphalt investment, but it is also key in protecting you from liabilities associated with injury. By conducting regular inspections and following a yearly maintenance plan, you are limiting your liability. Small problems and/or issue with the potential to cause damages to people or their property (cars) will be fixed quickly, meaning less chance of these injuries occurring. Maintaining your lot is your responsibility, and if it is neglected, chances are you will be liable for patron damages. Additionally, your parking lot’s appearance plays a bigger role in the appearance of your business in general than you may think. It is a customer’s first impression. If the parking is a nightmare, or it is full of potholes, or generally looks run down, some customers may not come back and/or will have this preconceived notion about your business before even stepping foot inside.
  3. Non-disruptive Scheduling – Your parking lot is essential to the daily functionality of your business. As commercial pavers, we understand this and are trained to create a plan for completion that causes as little disruption as possible. If your lot doesn’t house business storefronts, but is instead an office building, or a condominium complex, disruptions still need to be avoided as much as possible, and the same plan applies. We will plan to complete the project in phases working around the peak periods of your lot (after business hours).
  4. Drainage – Proper drainage is essential for a successful and quality paving job. Without proper drainage, your pavement may deteriorate quickly and/or cause other issues like foundation water damage. The slope of your pavement should be designed to force running water away from exterior walls and to a designated area. Read more on drainage HERE.
  5. ADA regulations for parking lotsMeeting ADA Compliance – When building parking lots or resurfacing/repainting old ones, understanding and meeting all ADA compliance regulations is key. When hiring professional commercial pavers like EastCoat Pavement Services, you’re hiring a crew that is extensively trained in the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and zoning requirements for each town we work in. Visit THIS BLOG for extensive detail on ADA Compliance.

Asphalt paving becomes much more complex when we are speaking in terms of commercial parking lots. Because of this, hiring a professional is key, and hiring a professional that specializes in commercial asphalt paving is even better. Contact EastCoat Pavement Services today for your free consultation on your commercial parking lot!

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