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Parking Lot Repair Increases Value

A first impression plays a large role in a person’s purchasing decisions. You may have the best coffee in town, but if your storefront is dirty, and unappealing, it is unlikely that many customers will even make it in to taste your coffee. When it comes to your commercial property, whether that be your business storefront or your condominium complex, the building’s curb appeal is your potential buyer’s first impression. Parking lot repair and maintenance is one simple, yet effective way to raise the overall curb appeal of your building.

parking lot repair increases building's valueCurb Appeal

It is a natural human tendency to “judge a book by its cover” as it is the first thing we see. When choosing a restaurant to dine at or a home to buy, the curb appeal not only draws us in, but impacts our buying decision.  A property that is well groomed, and visually put together helps to shape a customer’s perception of the business. Things like well-managed, clean, dependable, detail-oriented and organized come to mind, all of which are desirable characteristics in business owners.

Many popular ways to increase a building’s curb appeal is expensive landscaping, architecture, accent painting, unique siding, etc. But these updates lose their appeal if the parking lot is cracked, full of potholes, lacking parking stripes, and overall completely run down. Similarly, when it comes to residential purchases, a run-down parking lot, is not only an eyesore, but it also shapes the buyer’s perception. For example, they judge the maintenance and upkeep abilities of the managers. In addition, it raises a red flag for potential resale values.

Paving and parking lot repair can be as simple as an asphalt pothole patch. Or as large as a full parking lot asphalt removal and replacement, depending on the condition of your lot.

Some common issues you may see in your pavement are:

  • Potholes (bowl-shaped holes)
  • Depressions (low areas in pavement)
  • Raveling (separation of stone from the pavement surface)
  • Cracking (slippage, alligator, shrinkage, reflective)
  • Rutting (pavement depressions in wheel path)

When it comes to repairing these damages, the right material, equipment, and skill is essential in determining the result. If not done correctly, your lot may be left looking visually worse than it did prior to repairs.

Some asphalt pavement repair methods include:

  • Skin Patching (best to repair depressions, raveling, or potholes)
  • Removal & Replacement (when the problems have gone beyond surface failures)
  • Resurface (helps to prolong the life of your pavement if little base failure has occurred)
  • Asphalt Maintenance (preventative measures and consistent maintenance is key in extending your pavement’s life)
  • Crack Filling (helps to prevent water infiltration and slow down pavement damage)
  • Sealing (can extend the life of your pavement when done correctly and timely)

How EastCoat Can Assist With Your Parking Lot Repair

At EastCoat Pavement, we understand that each site is different and every project is unique, and we have crafted our process around this idea. It is our mission to:

  • Perform thorough site survey & analysis
  • Present recommendations for repair or maintenance
  • Provide detailed proposal
  • Create custom project plan
  • Manage project efficiently to completion

Although parking lot repair may seem like an unimportant renovation cost on your list of updates, an asphalt parking lot cost pays back. On average, it can last 15-25 years. Given that this update lasts for so many years, and significantly improves the overall curb appeal of your property, you may want to consider bumping it higher on your “to-do” list.

It is important to pay attention to making the exterior of your business/property as attractive as you would the interior. If you knew that the condition of your parking lot pavement was deterring customers, it would be a “no brainer” to consider parking lot repair, right? If you update your pavement now, you are not only significantly increasing your property’s curb appeal, but positively affecting your customers’ purchasing decisions. Contact East Coat today for a free estimate!

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