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Benefits of Asphalt Sealer

Asphalt sealer is a surface coating used during the process of sealcoating pavement. Asphalt driveway sealer is used as both a preventative measure and an aesthetic upgrade.

Some benefits of applying asphalt sealer regularly are:

  1. asphalt sealer before and afterIt helps to protect your pavement from UV rays, and damaging substances like chemical spills.
  2. It reduces the rate of water permeation.
  3. It gives your pavement a fresh new look with its attractive dark surface.
  4. It is easier to clean and stripe.
  5. It helps to extend the life of your pavement.


The asphalt sealer used in sealcoating helps to protect against outside agents that can be damaging to your pavement. UV rays and strong chemicals from spills or car leakage can decrease the life of your pavement. By keeping up with regular maintenance on your pavement/parking lot and sealcoating, you are reducing the risks associated with regular wear and tear. Sealing your pavement helps to fill voids in the blacktop, which in turn, helps to reduce exposure, and depth at which it is exposed, to oxygen, UV rays, and water.

Water is one of the most damaging agents to your pavement. Sealcoating can resemble a waterproofing agent to the extent that it reduces the rate at which water permeates your asphalt. This helps to prevent seepage and to stop cracks from forming.


Asphalt sealer is a dark, rich color. This color gives off a fresh and new look, helping to significantly improve the overall appearance of your blacktop/parking lot. Additionally, this dark color helps to attract more heat from the sun, which overall makes your pavement more flexible. This increased flexibility allows for your blacktop surface to better withstand traffic. This is especially important in a commercial parking lot with continued, daily traffic.

You can find several reasons why increasing your lot’s curb appeal is so important in our blog, Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Increases Value.

Smooth Surface:

Asphalt driveway sealer creates a smooth and clean surface. This smoothness allows for the surface to easily be cleaned. A smooth surface also allows for easier striping. Striping is extremely important, in not only helping to add to your parking lot’s curb appeal, but also making sure your lot meets proper safety regulations. Read our blog, Parking Lot Striping: It’s More Than Just Straight Lines, for more on this!

asphalt sealer for parking lotExtend Lifespan:

Sealcoating your pavement is a maintenance practice that can help in extending its overall lifespan. When applied with our hot rubberized asphalt crack filler, the pavement’s natural deterioration process is slowed down. This is because cracking filling helps to keep small cracks, or damages, from turning into big ones. When the asphalt driveway sealer is then applied on top, it acts as a protectant top layer. Additionally, sealcoating protecting and preventing against damages caused by outside elements (water, UV rays, and chemical spills) also helps to increase the pavement’s lifespan.

Sealcoating is both a hassle-free and sensible regular maintenance item for your parking lot. It dries quickly, and can be done in sections, ensuring minimal traffic interruptions to your business!

At EastCoat Pavement, we use the highest quality products and equipment, helping to ensure you receive the best look, at the best price. Do you think your parking lot is ready for a fresh coat of asphalt sealer? Contact us today for your free quote!

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