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Asphalt Driveway Repair & Maintenance For Winter

We can be hopeful that spring is on its way. However, we still have a good duration left of winter that can continue to bring snow and ice to our region. Asphalt is the most vulnerable in winter months and using the wrong shoveling techniques or deicing products are just a few things that wreck havoc on the pavement. Asphalt companies are beginning to come out of hibernation and are receiving calls for asphalt repair work and asphalt paving. It’s now the time to schedule your asphalt driveway repair, reserve your spot in line.

However, until the winter weather has fully gone, we need to be vigilant about the upkeep and maintenance of your pavement. We want to provide you with the best ways to safely protect your walkways and driveways to ensure that they are passable and to ensure you do not have any slip or fall liabilities. In addition, we want to help you understand how weather causes distress to your asphalt.

Preventive Maintenance For Your Asphalt Driveway

Prior to the onset of winter there are a number of things you can do to prepare your lots for the snow and ice season. Take advantage of a sunny day and inspect your driveways for any cracks. They eventually are the onset to bigger problems like potholes so being mindful of where they are is important. As freezing temperatures, ice, frost and snow all do damage to existing cracks and holes.

Prior To Winter:

  • Fill cracks and/or holes-once water gets into cracks during the freeze-thaw cycle, asphalt becomes vulnerable to additional cracking and breakage.
  • Seal your driveway– a sealant will help to maintain the surface through the cold weather. It is designed to prevent melting snow from seeping into cracks in the surface.
  • Driveway resurfacing-may be necessary if your driveway already has too many cracks and potholes. New asphalt is poured on top of the existing driveway, saving you from extensive repairs on too large of a repair project.
  • Hire a reputable snowplowing company-take the pressure off the upkeep of your lots. Be sure to hire a reputable company to ensure they are taking the upmost care of your parking lots. If the plow’s blade is not positioned at the right height, it can scrape the pavement. Work with a company that can help you build a snow removal procedure plan.
  • Buy a snow blower-as a homeowner or business owner of a small parking lot buying a snow blower on the off season can come in handy. It’s an efficient and less costly option to hiring a plow service.
  • Inspect your snow shovels- and/or buy a rubber-edge snow shovel to prevent scratching the surface

During a Storm:

  • Clear snow before it accumulates-when snow piles up the likelihood of it freezing and refreezing is significant. The temperature fluctuations cause the water to seep into cracks and then refreeze once the temps drop again. By avoiding an abundant of snow melting on the surfaces helps to lesson the potential of the damage this cycle can create.rock salt ice melt for asphalt driveway repair
  • Avoid using rock salt on ice patches-since these products are meant to melt water at lower temperatures it causes the water to penetrate the surface and potentially get into the already existing cracks. Be sure to check for brands that are safe for asphalt or use sand instead. While sand doesn’t melt ice, it can provide enough traction to make surfaces passable. Check out our guide on the best ice melt for asphalt.


Schedule Your Asphalt Driveway Repairasphalt driveway repair

February and March are when most asphalt paving companies begin booking asphalt driveway repair jobs. Here at EastCoat Pavement we specialize in commercial parking lots. There are many similarities between the two and we have a strong understanding of how the two properties relate.

Take advantage of off-season pricing on more affordable material by scheduling ahead of time. EastCoat Pavement Services are available for all of your commercial parking lot needs. We specialize in asphalt repair, sealcoating, crack filling, line stripping, asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance. Contact us today to get your free paving quote.

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