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ADA Regulations & Required Number of Accessible Spaces

The Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation issue the ADA regulations and standards. They require certain specifications for each parking facility. These requirements apply to public and restricted parking.

Number of Spots:

  • ada regulations for accessible spotsThe minimum number of accessible spaces must be calculated separately for each parking facility.
  • They cannot be a combined total on site.
  • 1 in 6 accessible spots, or a fraction of 6, must accommodate a van.
  • 501 to 1000 spaces within a facility requires 2% of the total to be accessible.
  • 1001 and over requires 20 + 1 for each 100, or fraction over 1000.


  • Parking areas often serve more than one entrance. In this case, accessible spaces must be near accessible entrances.
  • Accessible parking must be located on the shortest accessible route to accessible entrance.
  • The shortest route may require the accessible spots to be located near the closest entrance ramp. Rather than at an entrance door.

Parking Garage:

  • In places that do not serve a facility, spots must be located on the shortest route to an accessible entrance.
  • Each direct connection to a facility must include an accessible entrance.

Hospital & Rehabilitation Facilities:

  • For obvious reasons, outpatient hospitals and rehabilitation facilities require more accessible parking spaces.
  • At least 20% of patient and visitor parking spaces must be accessible at outpatient physical rehabilitation centers.

Accessible Spaces Specs:

  • Accessible routes must connect directly to access aisles.
  • A landing at least 36” deep at the top of curb ramps.
  • Spaces must be at a 96” minimum width.
  • Access aisle must be at least 60” wide.
  • 2 spaces can share one aisle.
  • Parking spaces and access aisle must be clear.
  • Van space must be 132” wide.
  • In addition, 98” minimum for vertical clearance.


  • Accessible spaces must clearly have signage containing the International Symbol of Accessibility.
  • Do to this, signs must be at least 60” high and can be on a post or suspended from ceilings.


  • Finally, accessible spaces are required where parking lots are altered or added.
  • Likewise, alterations can mean resurfacing, new parking lot painting, or sealing.
  • Normal parking lot maintenance like pothole repair, or surface patching are not considered alterations.

ada regulations and number of accessible spotsThis list of ADA regulations only covers some of the requirements. When building a parking facility, having a strong knowledge of all of the regulations is important. Also, this is true if you’re repainting a lot too. So, it’s best to hire a highly trained professional parking lot paving company like EastCoat Pavement Services.  We are extensively trained in the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and zoning requirements for each town we work in. Above all, compliance is important and we know the rules! Call today for your free estimate!

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