parking lot snow removal

Parking Lot Snow Removal

As with most things, having a good plan in place helps to best prepare for the future. This applies to having a parking lot snow removal plan as well. Finding a reputable plow company takes time and effort.

Carefully laying out the details for what the procedure is for your parking lot when it snows is important. This procedure is key in preserving your parking lot and its asphalt, but also when it comes to safety and liability concerns. Having an asphalt maintenance plan for all seasons, allows for you to be proactive, especially when moving into the colder months.

What Is An Example of A Snow Removal Plan & Procedure?parking lot snow removal pile

Collaborating with the plow company and the parking lot owner to formulate an exact plan that provides a priority list is a great place to start. Discussing together the methods that will be necessary for each possible type of storm situation is step one. Afterwards, there are many details to consider and review. Let’s take a look.


  • Develop an activation procedure and protocol for the various types of storms.
  • Be sure the snow removal procedure states how each condition will be met with a plan.
  • Create a list of priority removal areas and if/when additional assistance from grounds crew is necessary.
  • Have a written guideline on plows, salt trucks, snow blowers and any other equipment that will be a part of the snow removal fleet to set realistic expectations on completion process and timeline.
  • Review all areas of parking lot and have the snow plow company note any areas that have potholes, sinkholes, curb and/or sidewalk breakage.
  • Discuss how to best protect those areas from additional damage.
  • Discuss how to share safety notices with pedestrians/staff in regards to sidewalk safety and how they freeze before roadways do.
  • Have a plan for walkway safety and salting.

Additional considerations for parking lot snow removal:

  • Clearly state who is responsible for clearing which roads, parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Discuss under which circumstances the plow company will send out multiple crew members. Will contractors will be there to assist with larger storms only or every storm?
  • Establish a protocol on who and when to communicate with the grounds department and snow team.
  • Add in a section on how to handle sleet, freezing rain and ice, particularly on bare surfaces.

Precautions To Take With Snow Plow Companyparking lot snow removal markers

Ultimately preservation of your parking lot’s asphalt should rank high on your plow company’s priority list. There are a number of measures and ways a professional plowing company will work to preserve and protect your asphalt. Safety for your pedestrians is also of the utmost of importance. Discussing ways to achieve both asphalt preservation and pedestrian safety is necessary. When developing the plan here are some key areas to include:

  • Survey the property for obstacles and how these will be marked for (i.e. curb markers).
  • How will the company take measures to preserve the lots from plow blades scraping surfaces and which ice melts are the best for concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • Discuss with the plow company what is considered to be normal winter wear and tear and how they cover any damage outside of the norm done to the property from machinery, etc.

Safety Concerns & Liability In Winter

We cannot stress the importance of maintaining your lots enough. Liability falls on the property owner if the upkeep and safety of your lot is not adhered by. By having a reputable plow company that is proactive in staying ahead of the storm and efficiently and effectively clearing your lots and sidewalks, you decrease the odds for possible accidents. If lines are not clearly visible accidents can occur. This is why repainting traffic markings and parking lot lines prior to winter is so important. Sidewalks need to be cleared and ice melt applications occur regularly. Melted ice and snow can quickly refreeze as winter temperatures are constantly fluctuating between freeze mark. Because of this, snow maintenance should continue throughout a storm, and after.

We suggest making a plan in spring or early fall to review your parking lots with a pavement company like EastCoat Pavement and plan maintenance. We can help ensure that the appropriate measures are in place for all seasons. But, especially winter. If you do not properly mark your lots, you’re also increasing your liability. It is your responsibility as the site manager or owner to maintain your property, including lots and walkways. You also want to make sure you are in compliance with the most recent ADA regulations. This includes having free flowing traffic patterns and clearly definable parking spots.

Prepare With Us

Here at EastCoat Pavement Services we want your parking lots to receive the utmost protection during the winter season. The key to best preserving your asphalt during parking lot snow removal is planning ahead. In addition to creating a snow removal plan, make sure to plan early in the year for your paving, sealcoating, crack filling, and pothole repairs come spring. By setting contracts with a plow company before the winter weather hits, you can ensure that your lots have the best plan possible.

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