Cold Patch Asphalt Repair

Cold Patch Asphalt Repair is a common online search in coastal towns like Fairfield, CT. Coastal towns receive more frequent weather-related damage. And your pavement is no exception. Fairfield gets an average of 47” of rain per year and averages over 29″ of snow which is more than the national average.

Water and flooding from coastal storms can penetrate the asphalt’s and, can begin to wash away the base underneath if not repaired quickly. A cold patch is best used to prevent further damage until a permanent repair can be arranged.

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EastCoat Pavement is a market leader in commercial pavement applications. We can help you understand the difference between cold patch asphalt repair and a more permanent fix such as hot mix asphalt.


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If you need asphalt repairs or maintenance in or around Fairfield, you can count on the pros at EastCoat Pavement for quality work and expert advice. Of the commercial paving companies in CT, EastCoat Pavement provides a process and service unlike any other.

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