Wintertime Asphalt Repair

At EastCoat Pavement, we always emphasize that the best wintertime protection for your parking lot begins with preventative measures / repairs in the fall and hiring experienced snow removal professionals to avoid damage.  One of the more frequent questions we get during the wintertime, however, is about patching. Hot Mix vs Cold Patch   There …

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Pothole Repair

The End of Potholes?

Potholes are not only an annoyance; they are a hazard. They can be costly to repair, but even more costly to ignore —causing accidents and injury not only to motorists but to cyclists and pedestrians. Potholes begin as small stress cracks that grow with water penetration and changing weather conditions. Water can seep into cracks and degrade the base layer —further weakening the pavement. These are …

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Winter Erosion Ahead!

The coming winter months are the harshest time of year for paved surfaces. It’s the one season that is almost guaranteed to cause at least some damage to your commercial lot or other paved surfaces due to winter damage. The worst destruction can be avoided, however, by taking advantage of the small window of opportunity …

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