Winter Erosion Ahead!

The coming winter months are the harshest time of year for paved surfaces. It’s the one season that is almost guaranteed to cause at least some damage to your commercial lot or other paved surfaces due to winter damage. The worst destruction can be avoided, however, by taking advantage of the small window of opportunity you have left to prepare your surfaces for winter. For instance, Asphalt Crack Filling can prevent water and ice from penetrating deep and creating damage during the freeze/thaw cycle.  

Finish Temperature-sensitive Tasks First 

Most people know that outdoor painting can’t be done in cold weather. There are many similar tasks in the pavement services industry. Timing is crucial because colder weather severely limits performing temperature-sensitive tasks like seal coating, line striping, and asphalt paving or patching. Proper drainage is also essential during the winter months. If any of these are on your list, you’ll need to act fast before temperatures drop any further. Any broken asphalt or potholes must be repaired before winter or risk extensive damage.  

Repair Broken Asphalt – patching or paving 

Seal Coating 

Line Striping 

ada regulations

NEXT ON YOUR LIST – Crack Filling 

Fall is the best time for Crack Filling which can be done anytime between April and December. Once the leaves start turning, it’s the best bang for your buck in pavement maintenance.  The cooler temperatures actually work to your advantage —the material sets up faster, allowing us to work quickly and open areas sooner than in the summer months when it’s extremely hot.  Also, the chances of any stickiness associated with pedestrian or vehicle traffic are non-existent.   

repairing cracked pavement in winter

Don’t let the longer timeframe for crack filling lull you into inaction, however.  Large pavement issues often begin with very small cracks within a pavement’s surface. By maintaining and fixing cracks in the surface, you can avoid larger, more costly problems that are associated with leaving a crack untreated.  

Crack filling can be performed on parking lots, roads, airports, etc. at any time during the day or night. Although the natural cycle of pavement deterioration cannot be stopped, it can be slowed and managed with help from the right team of professionals. Because of this, fixing cracks in asphalt can be one of the best investments you’ll make.

EastCoat’s experienced asphalt crack repair team will identify problem areas and recommend smart solutions using the best asphalt crack filler for correction.

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