Summer Asphalt Repair Checklist 

Summer Asphalt Repair Checklist 

When we think of summer, we think about vacations and barbeques. If you own a commercial parking lot, summer is also the time to think about protecting your investment. The summer heat helps with drying times for asphalt paving, repairs, and seal coating. It’s the best time for asphalt repairs. You will want to make sure you have a smooth, sealed surface BEFORE heading into winter. A pothole or broken surface in your pavement before the winter months can be an opening for damaging water and ice to enter –causing extensive deterioration. Now is the time to prevent that. Let’s get the ball rolling with a simple checklist. 


Look for Cracks 

  • As cracks expand, they form vast networks or webs of cracks across the surface of your pavement. This asphalt damage is not only unsightly, but it can lead to further damage.   
  • Cracks are easiest to spot after a light rain
block cracking

Are There Any Potholes? 

  • Look for sinking or unevenness 
  • Potholes may develop in areas where water is pooling, as it can weaken the asphalt 
best asphalt patch pot hole

 Look for Loose Gravel 

  • Loose gravel can indicate a structural failure within the pavement. 
  • If loose gravel or rocks become prevalent, it may be time for professional replacement or repair of your asphalt pavement 

Sealcoating Protects from Heat Damage and More 

  • Sealing pavement every 2-3 years can protect your asphalt from harmful UV rays, and preserve and extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. 
  • Sealing also helps protect from cracking, gas & oil spills, and water accumulation now and during the freeze-thaw conditions of winter. 

Take Action this Summer

Summer is the time to take action on any concerns that you find during your inspection. Whether it’s minor crack filling or an extensive paving job, acting now will leave you time for scheduling before winter’s pavement punishing weather arrives.  

EastCoat Pavement Services is a family-run commercial asphalt contractor that specializes in commercial maintenance services including annual upkeep, repairsealcoatingcrack sealing, and line striping. We can put into place the best preventative parking lot maintenance plan for your budget and make recommendations on the best time to be sealing, crack filling, line striping, and paving your lot.

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