Sealcoating Dry time – Squeegee or Spray?

Sealcoating your commercial parking lot is important to prolong the life of the asphalt surface. However, extended periods of interruptions to your commercial lot’s daily traffic flow due to dry time can be a problem. That is why it’s important to find the most efficient way to provide long-term protection. 

Misconceptions about Spray Asphalt Sealer 

  • A popular misconception about spray asphalt sealer is that the material is much thinner than it would be with squeegee application. It’s simply not true. 
  • Spray sealer application allows for greater control of how much material is laid down. 
  • Spray sealcoating is a quicker technique that provides for a more even and controlled application. 
  • The consistency of the spray method eliminates the chances of thicker areas, or brush marks –allowing for proper curing time. 
  • With an experienced team, neither method is superior. Ultimately, the best protection of your asphalt comes down to how many gallons are evenly applied.  
  • A professional will be able to tell you the yield and how many gallons you’ll need. 
sealcoating equipment spray or squeegee

Squeegee Sealer Application  

  • It is often implied that this method can help to achieve stronger bonds on irregular surfaces, but it also requires more attention to achieve an even coat. 
  • Squeegee application can often lead to thicker uneven areas of sealer, thus extending the curing time.  
  • If not given the proper time to fully cure, it may degrade sooner than expected. Because of this, spray jobs typically last longer. 

Are two coats better than one? 

  • Much is made about whether two coats are necessary for lasting protection. 
  • Remember, what is important is the yield and how many gallons of material are evenly applied. 
  • Some homeowners prefer to use two coats, but a professional can evenly apply one heavy coat. 
  • A single heavy coat is more efficient and enables you to open your parking lot up to traffic faster.  
  • With the same yield, a single heavy coat is just as durable. 

So, what about the drying times? 

Using spray sealcoating equipment is particularly effective for commercial parking lots. With a quicker dry time, and an overall more controlled application process, the spray sealcoating application process is (in most cases) the better option for commercial lot sealcoating. 


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