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Are Paving Contractors Near Me Open?

Can I Hire Paving Contractors During COVID-19? 

During this confusing time, it can be hard to know what businesses are open. If you find yourself googling, are paving companies near me open, we can tell you that in CT we are! When it comes to paving parking lots, this task is generally disruptive and difficult for businesses. It can cause traffic issues and annoyances to customers. With many businesses shut down, parking lots are empty. Paving companies are finding business owners and schools wanting to take advantage of these empty lots by getting their paving projects done early.  

Are Paving Contractors Near Me Paving School Lots? 

paving contractors near me openNow is a great time for schools to pave their parking lot because: 

  • They have already budgeted for work 
  • Expenses are down (since they are closed) 
  • Typically, if a school does not use budgeted money for the year, that budget is not rolled over 

School parking lot paving is generally a large task. It requires a lot of traffic flow arrangements and typically makes use of night time paving sessions. Since asphalt paving companies work around the schedules of businesses and school hours, large paving projectcan take longer. But, with lots not currently being used, paving contractors no longer have limited time windows to get work done. Since schoolhave been let out early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, paving projects that were projected for summer can be completed sooner. With large projects like asphalt paving getting done earlier, it leaves more time and availability for other projects in summer. 

Parking Lot Paving For Businesses 

A lot of storefront businesses are also temporarily closed. So, they are experiencing empty parking lots as wellWhile an empty parking lot may be an ideal scenario for us paving contractors, we understand that spending money right now for closed businesses just may not be doable. However, if your parking lot is in need of paving, repairs, or maintenance and you do have the budget for it right now, we recommend taking advantage of empty lots! When looking for paving contractors near me in the CT area, EastCoat Pavement Services is a great choice for your commercial asphalt paving project because it is our specialty.  

When Do I Need To Consider Hiring Asphalt Paving Companies? 

paving contractors near me openThere are several instances in which you need to consider looking into paving companies and their services. 

  1. Repairs – asphalt cracks, potholes, curb damages, etc. 
  2. Maintenance – Faded lines, and sealcoating 
  3. Repave or new lots
    • It’s time for your lot to be completely repaved
    • You have never paved your lot
    • You have new construction that needs a new driveway or parking lot construction

Learn how long asphalt takes to cure HERE.

We Are Open & Here To Serve You!

As we all figure out how to navigate this new normal, and do our part to stay safe, EastCoat Pavement Services is working hard to continue to serve our customers. We are happy to help with any parking lot paving needs. When searching for paving contractors near me in CT, we hope that you give us a call. If you find yourself in the place where you have a budget to pave, and your parking lot is empty, we encourage you to begin your paving project 

The hardest part of asphalt paving parking lots is the work hour constrictions and plans that go into proper traffic flow and accommodations. It’s our job to ensure that your customers, tenants, or students are not inconvenienced. With years of experience in commercial work, we have much knowledge in doing this. But, whenever we can pave empty parking lots we are glad to! Empty parking lots and less limitations also means your project gets done quicker! If you are interested in parking lot paving now, contact Eastcoat Pavement Services for your free consultation and let us help you tackle a project early! 

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