contractors you'll need for your paving job

Contractors You’ll Need For A Paving Job

Exactly what contractors you will need for your paving job will depend on the type of job, and your current pavement conditions. When hiring a professional paving company, like EastCoat Pavement Services, we will evaluate your project (including current conditions of the asphalt) and help to determine what consultants will be needed.

Here is a list of some additional contracting consultants you may need for your paving job:

  1. Civil Engineer – If your project requires a construction permit, this is when you will need a Civil Engineer. Their job is to design, stamp, and submit the construction plans. If your parking lot paving job is a paving only job, you will likely not need a Civil Engineer. Here are some examples of why you would need one:
    1. Retaining wall design
    2. Permits and entitlement work
    3. Asphalt or concrete design
    4. Grading and draining design
    5. Culvert design
    6. Owner representation
  2. Geotechnical Engineer – Their job is to recommend how soil is used, what type of soil is required, and how dense this soil needs to be.
  3. Arborist – If there are concerns about tree root damage or there are a lot of trees present that need pruning/trimming, this is when an Arborist will be needed. It is important to consult an Arborist prior to beginning construction.

Hiring A Licensed Contractor:

Qualified and licensed contractors have invested a lot of time, money, and experience to ensure that they know their craft. This helps to ensure a high quality and safe job completion. Experienced contractors can help with cost estimating, best material selection, grading operations, and can even provide you with professional referrals for additional contractor services you may need!

prepping for your paving jobThere are serval areas to consider when choosing your professional contractors to help determine they are the right fit for you:

  • Are they licensed? In your state?
  • Does the contractor belong to a local Chamber of Commerce?
  • How is their complaint history with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Request a list of field and office manpower.
  • Ask about warranty policies.
  • Request references from completed jobs, as well as suppliers they work with.
  • Have they ever been sued?
  • Are they insured? Make sure you see actual copies of insurance certificates to verify coverage!
  • Request a list of key team members that will be assigned to work on your project.

Commercial paving jobs are important and require extensive knowledge and experience to ensure a successful final product. It encompasses a bunch of moving parts; like planning for alternate parking, choosing the right materials, ADA line striping regulations, thickness, base material and prep, ensuring proper drainage, etc.

In addition to all of the moving parts that your paving company is responsible for to ensure a proper asphalt installation, there may also be other contractors involved. EastCoat Pavement Services specializes in commercial asphalt jobs, and because of this we have years of experience in coordinating all moving parts of large commercial asphalt jobs, as well as working well with other contractors. Contact EastCoat Pavement Services today for your free consultation, and begin prepping for your parking lot paving project!

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