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Asphalt Pavement Repair: 8 Common Pavement Issues and Fixes

Asphalt is a very durable material, but it is also susceptible to atmospheric conditions that can lead to damages. Because of this, regular asphalt pavement repair and maintenance is very important in maintaining the lifespan, appeal, and safety of your pavement.

Some common pavement issues caused by weather conditions are:

  1. Alligator cracking
  2. Block Cracking
  3. Linear Cracking
  4. Slippage Cracks
  5. Pot Holes
  6. Depressions
  7. Rutting
  8. Raveling

1. Problem: Alligator Cracking

alligator cracking asphalt pavement repair servicesDefinition: Alligator cracking is a structure failure associated with load. This failure is most commonly associated with weakness in the surface, base, or sub grade. The cracking resembles alligator skin.

Solution: Full depth reclamation needs to be performed to remedy alligator cracking since the failure is structural.


2. Problem: Block Cracking

Definition: Block cracking looks like large rectangles that are connected and is generally caused by shrinkage of the asphalt pavement. This shrinkage is usually due to an inability of the asphalt to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Solution: Smaller block cracks can be sealed (usually smaller than ½ inch). This sealing will prevent moisture from entering into the sub grade. More severe cracks may require more asphalt pavement repair attention. Removing the cracked pavement layer and replacing it with an overlay is often the best solution for the more severe situations.


linear cracking asphalt pavement repair services3. Problem: Linear Cracking

Definition: These cracks are parallel to the pavement’s centerline and are usually a result of pavement fatigue and/or poor joint construction.

Solution: The same solution for block cracking can be applied to linear cracking.


4. Problem: Slippage Cracks

Definition: These are crescent-shaped cracks at the surface that occur where the new material has slipped over the underlying layer. This occurs when there has been a lack of bonding between layers, usually from an absence of a tack coat.

Solution: These marks will need to be removed and will require a partial or full depth patch.


5. Problem: Potholes

Definition: Potholes are bowl-shaped holes or depressions in pavement. These holes penetrate all the way through the asphalt layer to the base. Read our blog post on the anatomy of a pothole for a detailed scope of how a pothole is formed.

Solution: A full depth replacement patch will need to be applied.


6. Problem: Depressions

Definition: Pavement surface areas with slightly lower elevations than the surrounding pavement.

Solution: Smaller depressions can be remedied by applying a thin surface patch. More severe depressions may require removal and replacement.


7. Problem: Rutting

Definition: Ruts are channelized depressions in wheel tracks. Rutting is the result of movement of any of the layers of the pavement from traffic. This may be a result of insufficient pavement thickness, weak asphalt mixes, moisture penetration, or lack of compaction.

Solution: Minor rutting can be fixed by crack filling. However, severe rutting will need to be removed and replaced.


8. Problem: Raveling

Definition: This is an on-going separation of aggregate materials in the pavement mixture and usually occurs from the surface downward or from the edges inward. When the fine aggregate wears away, it will leave “pock marks” on the surface. Over time the pavement will become more jagged as breakage intensifies and erosion increases.

Solution: Applying a hot asphalt mix overlay can often fix raveling issues.


All of these pavement defects are very common, especially in areas that experience moderate to severe winters. Fixing these issues as they happen through asphalt pavement repair methods is key in extending the lifespan of your pavement and avoiding traffic damages. If you think your parking lot is experiencing any of these defects or pavement failures, it is important to have them remedied ASAP. Parking lot maintenance is one of the most cost-effective maintenances you will have done on your property. Contact EastCoat Pavement services today for your free repair or replacement consultation!

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